Year 3


Creating a timetable with regular breaks, lunch and your daily exercise might help you.

During the morning  complete a literacy task (45 - 60 mins) this will include some reading and writing  Your next task will be numeracy (45mins) number work, or other maths work. In the afternoon choose two other subjects.  PE - indoor/outdoor, Art - drawing or painting, Geography and History to find out more, DT craft, making and cooking, Science, ICT , Music singing and playing, Drama - role play.

Hello Year 3 and well done for finding lots to do. We know this is not what you were expecting but please don't worry. Please keep going with the school work below. Do this in your own way, remember to keep up with your reading and handwriting and take the time to try something new. If you want to send us some of your work then please email


We will carry on doing Austin's Art - normally on a Thursday afternoon. If you are pleased with your picture then ask someone to take a photo and email to  and we will add this to our Austin's Art Gallery on the website.