Reception Admission

Our admission number is 60.  (based on our Net Capacity Assessment) from September 2018.

Manor Primary School is part of the co-ordinated admission arrangements with Walsall Council.

Applications for admission to Reception should be submitted online to their home authority. Parents will be able to list preferences for up to three schools in their Walsall application and rank them in order of preference. All applications for named school will be considered in accordance with each school’s published admission criteria. Parents will receive written confirmation of an offer of a school place.

If a child does not meet the admission criteria for any of their parents preferred school then Walsall Council will allocate a place at the nearest alternative school with vacant places.

Full details of the coordinated scheme and the timetable for applications are set out in the ‘Information for Parents on Admission to Primary Schools' booklet which is published by Walsall Council.  

Over subscription

If the school is oversubscribed, the following criteria will be adopted: 

a) Children in public care and previously look after children

b) Children who have a brother or sister still attending school at the time of entry

c) Where there are medical grounds (supported by a doctor’s letter)

d) Distance from the school. This will be measured in a straight line from a designated point of the home address to a designated point of the school using the local authority’s GIS software, with priority given to those living closest.

In event of over subscription for any year group the above criteria will apply. 

The closing date for applications to be submitted is 15 January 2023 .