Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice

At Manor Primary School we value the contributions our pupils can make to our school community.We like to encourage all of our children to take on different aspects of responsibility. This page shares some of those opportunities.

Year 6

Our Year 6 are expected to be exemplary role models to the rest of the school. All Year 6 pupils are given a monitor responsibility. These include lunchtime monitors - helping in the dining room, supporting our reception children in the playground, bench and equipment monitors, drink monitors.


Year 6 pupils are trained to be librarians by a member of staff from the Walsall Library Service. They then look after our school library for the school year.

School Council

Children are elected from each class by their peers for the School Council each year. There is an allocated time for discussion with their classes each week. These children then represent their class in many of the decisions that effect school life. They have been involved in the development of the outside area and how we support different charities. They carry out polls to gather views from the playground on key issues. They meet with the Chair of Governors each term.

House Captains - two from each house are selected from Year 6.

Manor has four house:   Neptune,  Venus,  Jupiter and Mercury.  The house captains are key as role models for the rest of the school.

Playground Buddies

These are children from Years 3 - 5 who take on this role. These children support their peers during playtime and lunchtime.

Pupil Questionnaires

Alongside School Council class discussions and meetings the children complete an annual questionnaire. The outcomes of this are very positive and we take on board any concerns they raise. We also encourage them to say what they like about our school and what they would like to improve.

'I like my teachers because they help me when I am stuck' (LH)  'The behaviour is always good in our school and our teachers always deal with things' (CD)   'They always help you improve'  (PM)  'I enjoyed the lego man' (MF)        'More play equipment'  (FD)     'More after school clubs' (AP)